Welcome to the professional resumé pages of Dave and Susan Stutz – bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and excitement with us as we travel the world. Hailing from Montana and Minnesota, we met at an international school and have dedicated the past 25 years to teaching overseas – Poland, Indonesia, India, Serbia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Honduras. Certified and classroom-tested in a wide range of fields, we possess the adaptability and flexibility needed for success as global educators.


We’ve said YES to ACS! We’re off to new adventures in Amman, Jordan at the American Community School after 5 wonderful years in Poland. Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, we are ready to enjoy our first new post as empty-nesters, knowing our children are busy and getting on with their lives in the USA. Opportunities at the American School of Warsaw, Jakarta Intercultural School, American School Bombay, International School Belgrade, and others have shaped us as teachers, learners, colleagues, and parents. We are fortunate and we know it.

Susan and Dave in Glacier National Park, 2019These pages are designed to showcase the ‘tangibles’ of our team – the diplomas, references, professional development, and experience that demonstrate our breadth of knowledge and background.

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Dave and Susan Stutz

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